Monday, January 2, 2012

Featured Etsian: Nathalie Brault


Been active creatively forever. I love animals, nature and enjoy everything that has to do with crafts. I love to recycle and work with reclaimed items.


Hello, my name is Nathalie

I’m 47 and I own 3 shops on Etsy and I must say it’s a lot of work but I love it and it a full time job for me. And I can say that it is starting to pay a lot more then the first year. It's worth all the energy that I put in. But here is why I'm into eco-friendly and recycling business. Even at a very young age I use to keep everything for a later use, just in case you know. That was recycling but I did not know it.. In my teenage years , my Mom was alone to take care of me and so I tried to help out by sewing my own clothes the best I could and besides I was taller then all the pants she bought , so I had to use a lot of imagination to fit material to my pants she had bought and make it fit together. Those were already my designer talents coming through. But I never would work as one until very late in my life because I had children of my own at a very young age and taught my children the importance of recycling, living simply so we do not waist, reduce our imprint on this earth and we lived strongly amongst these terms. And so life went on , they grew up , and 2 left, and I hope they took with them what I taught them. The jobs I did when I had the kids were waitressing, bar maid , I use to work in flower shops, until I decided I would try my luck at designing, but I never took a course, but what I did is I take old but still good clothes, old material, at salvation’s Army and flea market and other places like these, and I would actually make clothes out of them. I use to sell my clothes on consignment in 3 boutiques for 4 years. All was fine, until my back gave out, and then I got 3 major back surgeries, within 10 years . So I had to change my lifestyle. Anyways I stayed in the eco-friendly business only on a smaller scale My Etsy shops whether they are crochet, sewn items or jewelery, are all earth friendly.
Be well advised that when you buy a Recupefashion, BeautyRecycled product you get a 100% earth friendly eco product, and I am most proud to offer it to you.

My first shop is called Recupefashion, it’s an eco- gift and accessories shop where you will find: tea wallets, tie purses, head bands, crocheted goodies, aprons, hankies, t-shirt scarves, patchwork scarves, cool winter hats and more. Some great items , all perfect to give as birthday gifts, Christmas and any other occasions. Affordable prices too. Earth friendly shop all the way. Everything in the shop is made of re purposed materials, which means that I took old and unwanted material and turned them into new and beautiful items.
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My second shop is an eco-jewellery shop called Beautyrecycled. Made with what ever my hands fall upon.
Filled with recycled beautiful jewellery. Gorgeous, fun and affordable.
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My third shop is a fabric and supply shop., filled with vintage and retro fabric, destash supplies to have fun working on your projects. You will also find some awesome cool vintage items for your home, some fun craft packs, and cool vintage and old patterns for your sewing projects. Visit often as I regularly add stuff to this Link to Recupefashionnstuff:

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